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Are you a homeowner in Edmond seeking a dependable electrician for your residential needs? Look no further than Acts 29 Solar & Electric, the trusted name in providing top-tier solar panel installation and electrical services. Our team of licensed technicians is here to help. We understand how critical it is to have reliable power in your home, whether for daily comfort, safety, or sustainability. We ensure smooth operations, from installing residential solar panels to managing your electrical wiring and maintenance needs. 

With our extensive experience and commitment to safety, you can trust that our work not only meets but surpasses industry standards. Furthermore, our services are affordable, ensuring you receive superior service without breaking the bank. When it comes to your electrical needs, make Acts 29 Solar & Electric your go-to solar electrician in Edmond. 

Here are a few symptoms that would warrant an emergency response:

  • Unusual buzzing or humming sounds from your electrical panel.
  • Visible sparks or smoke from an outlet.
  • A burning smell or signs of electrical fires.
  • Frequent tripping of breakers or blown fuses.
  • Power outages lasting longer than a few minutes.
  • Exposed or damaged wiring.

Understanding the critical nature of these issues, we operate with a sense of urgency to troubleshoot and resolve your electrical emergencies. Our team of licensed electricians will move swiftly and safely to diagnose and rectify the problem, minimizing disruption to your daily routine and ensuring the safety of your home. 

Reach out to us today at (405) 266-5837 or through our online form, and let us light up your life sustainably.

Why Choose Acts 29 Solar & Electric?

  • Solar Proposals
    We present comprehensive proposals that outline the various aspects of your solar energy project.
  • Honest & Transparent
    We will only offer solutions for your benefit. Never trying to upsell you, that's not our style.
  • Customer Care Focused
    Our top priority is for our customers to have a top-notch experience from beginning to end.

Our High-quality Services

At Acts 29 Solar & Electric, we are committed to delivering high-quality services that cater to both large and small projects. Our goal is to help homeowners in Edmond achieve a safe and efficient electrical setup. From solar panel installations to smart panel setups, our services cover a broad spectrum of your electrical needs. Here is a list of the key services we provide:

  • Solar panel installations: Harness the power of the sun with our superior solar panel installations. We provide a seamless installation process, ensuring you can efficiently convert solar power into usable electricity for your home. 
  • Generators: Power outages can be a significant inconvenience. Our team offers top-notch generator installations to provide a reliable backup power solution for your home.
  • EV charging systems: If you own an electric vehicle, we can install a charging system in your garage. This service simplifies charging your vehicle, making it both convenient and efficient.
  • Smart panels: Enhance your home's electrical system with our smart panel services. These panels offer energy efficiency and provide real-time monitoring of your power usage.
  • Wiring and rewiring: Whether you're building a new home or updating an older one, our technicians provide professional wiring and rewiring services to ensure a safe and efficient electrical system.

24/7 Electrical Emergencies

Electrical issues can be unpredictable and emerge at the most inconvenient times. Having a reliable and responsive professional in your contacts is vital to handling unexpected electrical emergencies. At Acts 29 Solar & Electric, we are at your service 24/7, ready to address your electrical emergencies in Edmond quickly and efficiently.

Don't let an electrical emergency leave you in the dark. Call Acts 29 Solar & Electric at (405) 266-5837 or contact us online to get immediate assistance from our Edmond electricians.